Which system is right for my store?

Depending on what sector or products your business specializes in will depend on what Retail Loss Prevention system is right for you. Other aspects such as location, environmental factors, your current shrinkage rate and the price and variety of the merchandise you stock must also be considered when deciding on the right solution for your store. For instance, the needs of a high-end leather apparel store compared to a rural sporting goods store will be quite different.


So what do you need to know?

The type of merchandise you stock. Leather goods and waterproof jackets for instance cannot be pierced with a hard tag therefore 122cm Cable-Locks are necessary for reliable protection. SecurityTags.com also recommends the use of 3Alarm Apparel tags over standard hard tags for designer jeans due to the high theft rate of these garments. Hardware and liquor stores must also be aware that certain security labels won’t be effective when placed on metal items or bottles containing liquid. SecurityTags.com Bottle Caps are made specifically to combat the high shrink rate of liquor which are effective with or without a Detection System. Selection of a detection system is also dependent on its surrounding materials such as metal doors and door-frames.


Your business’ current shrinkage rate.

This is important for any business in ascertaining how much to spend on security for your store. If your shrinkage rate is quite low, a basic system would be ideal. Although for a business with a high shrinkage rate located in a high crime area, a more technologically advanced and specialized solution would be necessary to dramatically reduce shrinkage.


The size of your doorway and amount of entrances/exits your business has.

This will affect the amount of EAS pedestals you will need to install and the distances they will need to be placed at to ensure reliable detection of your security labels and/or hard tags.

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