Liquor Security Tag 1 - securitytags


RF Bottle Locks Bottle Security Tags - Qty 100

We have tried them all and simply put this is the most secure bottle tag on the market. No bottle tag is faster to apply or remove at the POS than the Bottle Locks.

When merchandised front on the Bottle Locks is almost invisible to the customer as its clear face does not detract from the bottle and its branding.  One handed application and removal makes this product a breeze compared to many other bottle security caps or the lesser secure bottle wraps.

Securely applied to high theft liquor, the Bottle Locks contains an Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) element to set off alarms at the door. The Bottle Locks has the added feature of completely encapsulating bottle caps and corks to deter theft even in environments where EAS has not been adopted - this is a true benefit denial feature. It has been optimised for fast, single-handed removal at point of sale and has a clear cap to minimise the impact on shelf space and bottle branding.

The bottle security tag is released with the Superlock Detacher D002

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