Shell Tag – Pack of 500

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  • AM or RF Frequency
  • Opened by a Superlock Detacher
  • Two piece High Security Shell Design
  • Includes High Security Pin
  • RF – Checkpoint & other RF systems compatible
  • AM – Sensormatic & other AM systems compatible
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We have been fans of Shell Tags for years.

Two reasons: Sleek design with high security.

With a smooth symmetrical shell design, the pin head matches the tag size and reduces tag attack and garment tearing by shoplifters. The pin is smooth and will not damage threads like grooved pins do. This version has no internal ink ampules unlike the alternative Shell Ink Tag with added embedded Benefit Denial ink ampules for maximum deterrence and tamper resistance.

The smooth pin has less chance to damage threads like grooved pins do. No need to tag garments through seams. Attach tags in a visible position.

A Multi-purpose hard security tag for application to a wide assortment of apparel.

Shell Tag
Shell Tag
Shell Tag


Size: Shell Tag is 2.09” in diameter

Frequency: AM 58 kHz and RF 8.2 MHz

Color: Black

Lock: Superlock*. Superlock tags are not opened by old low power magnetic detachers. Most security tags today are Superlock compatible and require a more powerful magnet to release the pin. If you are unsure if your existing detachers will open this tag, give us a call or email us a photo of your existing detacher and tags. Generally a flat dish shaped magnetic detacher is required. Our Universal Superlock Detacher will open this tag and all our Superlock tags and your existing magnetic tags.

Shell Tag
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