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3 Ways You Can Improve Customer Experience This Holiday Season

Whether you love it or hate it, the holiday shopping season will definitely increase traffic in your store, however, do customers actually enjoy being there? A recent study by Insider Intelligence’s eMarketer has found approximately a third of American adults actually dislike shopping in-store during the holiday season. For those who like the holiday shopping frenzy, the most valuable aspects of in-store shopping include being able to experience the products they intend to purchase in person, the holiday atmosphere within the store, and the in-store deals and discounts.

For the 31% of consumers who dislike in-store shopping, how can your store improve their experience? This post will contain 3 helpful tips which can increase customer satisfaction during the holiday season and beyond!

1. Make an aesthetically pleasing shopping experience!

Clear out any clutter or mess to give your store a neat and put-together look. Allow room for the kinds of customers who want to slowly meander and browse the products and for the ones who enter with only one mission in mind. A messy, overcrowded store can feel overwhelming to a shopper who is looking for a particular product and to one who is appreciating the holiday experience. To improve this, logically distribute your merchandise in the store and provide clear signage. Make sure it is obvious what is down each aisle (if your store is structured this way) and where. These extra considerations can decrease how stressful holiday shopping may feel to some.

Another aspect of your store which can be worked upon is the decor. A festive atmosphere can uplift and inspire shoppers with the wonders of the holiday season. Avoid worn, dusty, or broken decorations as well as any ornaments belonging to one religion in particular. Allow your store to be as welcoming as possible! String lights have been and always will be a crowd-pleaser. Not only does the soft, warm lighting make your store feel like home, but they are also a relatively inexpensive, multipurpose, and durable decoration. Bring light back into holiday shopping!

2. Staff Smart!

Nothing is worse than a long, and boring, checkout line. Avoid these by making sure you have the right amount of employees on the floor at a time. Have more staff members working around busy shopping times. Sometimes long lines are unavoidable. Make the line-up an entertaining shopping space as well. You can set up a display or even create a small impulse-buy shopping area for customers to browse while they wait. This gives them something to do while they wait while also giving them the opportunity to fill their baskets with more of your merchandise.

Set your employees up for success! Train your staff members with the best and most effective ways to engage shoppers, drive sales, and spot suspicious shoplifting behaviours. Not only will empowering your staff benefit your business, but it will also motivate your employees to do their best. 

3. Gift Guides!

Too many choices often overwhelm customers. The Paradox of Choice tells us a large number of options can lead to customers feeling dissatisfied with the choice they’ve made or even overwhelmed to the point they can’t even make a choice! Solve your customers’ problems and help them find the perfect gift for their loved ones. One study found emails containing a gift guide led to a 48% increase in purchases. This will bring customers into your store that may have otherwise gone elsewhere, boost brand awareness, and add value to your business model. 


If you tidy and decorate your space, properly prepare your staff members, and guide customers towards items that fit their needs, you can greatly improve customer experience in your store. Remember 40% of holiday shopping happens during the last 10 days before December 25th. You still have time to create a valuable experience for your new and returning customers which will keep them coming back.

As always, ensure your store has the appropriate security to prevent avoidable loss due to shoplifting during this busy time. To consult with our Retail Security Advisors on how you can protect your merchandise please call +1-949-409-7200 or email [email protected]