Two shoplifters are looking both ways as they hide a handbag in their coat

How to prevent shoplifting this holiday season

Don’t let shoplifting put you in the “red” this Black Friday and the rest of the upcoming holiday season! With recent trends indicating that more and more shoppers are beginning their holiday shopping earlier than in prior years, it is paramount to prepare your business for this stream of customers. In order to keep your store thriving, here are 4 helpful tips from our Retail Security Advisors to help your business prevent shoplifting through the holiday rush:

1. All-Hands-On-Deck!

Ensure that you have adequate staffing over the holiday rush. Not only should you have enough staff, but you should also be certain that your staff have been well-trained and are equipped to answer any customer questions. High-quality customer service is important for many reasons! Your staff can help spot any suspicious behavior and prevent theft while also making sure that those new customers drawn in by the sale turn into regulars.

2. Strategic Placement

Once you have sufficient staff, make sure that you have them stationed strategically around your store. The most important places to staff are near products with high service needs and if you operate a clothing store, the fitting rooms. Not only does this extra customer service provide value to your customers, but it also is a good way to prevent any theft that may occur in those low-surveillance spaces.

Another factor to be mindful of is the placement of your merchandise. Don’t overcrowd aisles with high-ticket items. Disperse them evenly around your store to avoid crowding. Make sure you know how many items are out on the floor at one time and where. An organized store is a secured store.

3. Keep your eyes peeled!

Closed-circuit Television (CCTV) pays for itself when it helps you and your store monitor and prevent shrinkage. Post around your store or at the door that all areas are being monitored through security camera footage. Most (smart) shoplifters won’t be brazen enough to steal under direct surveillance cameras. Another strategy is to position mirrors in corners to erase blind spots. 

4. Have Backup!

For when you and your staff are helping customers out, make sure you have other ways to monitor merchandise. Whether that be proper electronic article surveillance (EAS) units by the door, increased security tagging of high ticket items, security labels, or even hiring a security guard. Make sure you have a steady line of defense set up to deter, prevent, and stop shoplifters.


Securing your store doesn’t have to break the bank or consume all your time. Just remember the basics of keeping your store safe through the holiday season is:

  • Adequately staff your store and train your staff members. 
  • Strategically place merchandise and position staff members to avoid crowding or blindspots.
  • Survey your store with obviously placed CCTV or mirrors to let shoplifters know you’re watching.
  • Tag, label, and secure your items with high-quality EAS systems and security tags.

If you follow these four tips, your store can profit off of the extra shoppers in the holiday frenzy instead of losing money from preventable shrinkage. How do you prevent shoplifting in your store?

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