Person shoplifting by hiding nail polish in their backpocket

Safeguarding Your Merchandise: The 7 Items That Require Security Tags for Maximum Protection

During the previous year, almost half (46%) of small retail businesses were compelled to raise their prices due to theft, indicating a pressing need for more effective loss prevention measures.

Effective loss prevention in retail includes the use of security tags, which play a vital role in deterring shoplifting and preventing theft. These tags function by setting off an alarm when they encounter a magnetic field from an Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) System, alerting store staff to the presence of an unpaid item.

Although it would be ideal for retailers to tag all of their merchandise, this approach is typically too time-consuming and expensive. Therefore, retailers need to prioritize the items that are most frequently stolen and targeted for tagging with security tags and labels.

For a comprehensive list of the most crucial items that retailers should tag in their stores, continue reading below.


Luxury or Higher-Cost Items:

It’s important to tag any expensive or high-value merchandise to deter thieves. Designer handbags, jewelry, electronics, and high-end clothing are all items that should be tagged because they are more likely to be targeted due to their high resale value. Self-alarming tags like Screamer or Spider tags are ideal for these types of items because they not only alarm when passing through the security gate but also when tampered with by a shoplifter.

Screamer tags work best for items with secure loops like handbags, shoes, and coats, while Spider tags are perfect for boxed items like electronics, toolkits, and cosmetics. Shell Tags are also effective for high-end clothing items since they cannot be easily removed without the right tools. These tags may cost more, but their increased detectability and effectiveness make them worth the investment.


Delicate Items:

Fragile items like electronics and glassware are prone to damage during theft attempts. To prevent such damage, retailers can tag these items, making it difficult or unattractive for thieves to steal them. Some shop owners prefer to keep fragile items in locked cabinets, while others opt for security labels or tags to ensure their safety.

Spider Tags are particularly suitable for securing boxes containing delicate and expensive items, such as plates, bowls, fine china, candles, or other fragile items made of glass or porcelain. Retailers can also use security labels, which can be discretely inserted into the packaging and applied to any smooth and flat surface.


Small Products:

Small and valuable items like makeup, accessories, and small electronics, are frequently targeted by shoplifters due to their high demand and ease of concealment. To prevent theft of these items, retailers can use smaller security labels that can be easily attached to the packaging or product.

Plain white labels can provide a neat and clean look, and can also be personalized by adding pricing information or store branding. Barcode labels can also be used to increase legitimacy and prevent shoplifters from removing them.

In addition, it is important to display these items in a high-visibility area to discourage theft and make it easier for store personnel to monitor them.


Display Items:

Displayed items in a store, whether on mannequins or on shelves, are prone to shoplifting due to their easy accessibility and high desirability. The absence of these items may go unnoticed, making them a prime target for theft. To maintain the aesthetic appeal of the display, it is recommended to use subtle security tags like Mini Rectangular Tags, Shell Tags, and Mini Pencil Tags. In case it’s not possible to tag an item, discreetly attaching security labels on the display can be a useful alternative.


New Items:

Shoplifters are often drawn to new merchandise due to its popularity and perceived value. To prevent losses, it’s important to choose the appropriate security tag for each item based on its value, shape, and other individual features. It’s recommended to invest more in securing high-value items, as the potential losses from theft can be significant.


Seasonal Products:

Seasonal merchandise, such as clothing or decorations for holidays, are often popular targets for shoplifters due to their high demand and limited usage. Properly tagging these items with security tags or labels is important, especially during peak shopping seasons.

The type of security tag or label to use for seasonal merchandise varies depending on the specific item and holiday. For example, Spider Tags are ideal for securing boxes of Christmas trees and ornaments, Pencil Tags can be used for fabric items like stockings, Screamer Tags can protect woven Easter baskets, and clothing security tags such as Pencil Tags, Mini Rectangular Tags, and Ink Tags can be added to Halloween costumes.


Special Edition and Limited Edition Items:

Collectibles and exclusive merchandise that are available in limited quantities are in high demand among collectors and can be easy targets for shoplifters to resell. As these items are restocked less frequently, it is crucial to secure them with the most effective security measures possible.

Self-alarming tags are highly recommended for these types of items as they are difficult for shoplifters to remove without triggering the alarm. Additionally, if your store has a history of high theft, it may be necessary to keep limited edition items in a locked display case for added security.



In order to effectively deter theft and protect profits, retailers must carefully consider what items to tag and what type of security tags or labels to use. While security tags can be highly effective in preventing theft, retailers must also implement other security measures such as surveillance cameras, security guards, and employee training programs to create a comprehensive loss prevention strategy. By analyzing sales data and security footage, retailers can identify which items are frequently stolen in their particular store or geographic area and take appropriate measures to protect them. Additionally, larger and more expensive tags are ideal for larger and more expensive items, while self-alarming tags like screamer tags or spider tags offer the best protection.

Overall, implementing a comprehensive loss prevention strategy that includes security tags and other measures is essential for retailers to reduce the risk of theft and protect their bottom line.