A pro’s guide to selecting and positioning security tags

When it comes to security tags, where you position them is almost as important as the type and size you select.

Why? Because all these factors affect the customer’s experience of the product and also impact the speed at the Point of Sale.

So as a quick recap, here’s a pro’s guide to selecting and positioning security tags.


Security tags come in a range of types and sizes that are suited to different types of apparel along with further products like eyewear, liquor, sporting goods, and even baby formula.

The type of tag you select affects the product’s security, while also impacting how a product looks on display and the customer experience when they try it on or interact with an item.

security tags size


The size of the tag you opt for will be dependent on the type of product you are protecting.

For example, lingerie requires a smaller tag type than denim jeans, due to the delicate nature of the fabric used.

Meanwhile, bulky overcoats would be better suited to a larger tag with a longer pin, but footwear that uses a lanyard to secure a tag to the product benefits from smaller or pencil-shaped tags as this is less obtrusive.

Size also impacts the customer experience, which is why optical tags are designed to be small, liquor tags are designed not to obscure brand labels etc.


Tags should be positioned with four factors in mind:

  • How well they protect the product. i.e. they should be positioned so they cannot be ripped or cut off without significantly damaging the item and rendering it useless
  • How they affect the look of the product on display
  • How they impact the customer’s experience of the product when trying it on or interacting with it
  • How easy they are for the staff member to find and detach at the Point of Sale

Where possible, tags should be positioned on products in a uniform manner. This affects the look of a store and how visually appealing it is when a customer is shopping.

Uniformity also allows a staff member to quickly locate the tag at the Point of Sale.

Pro tips for products

Security tags for general apparel

General apparel

Type: Round, square, pencil or alligator tags are suited to general apparel

Size: Size varies depending on the type of products stocked, but smaller tags are better suited to lightweight fabrics, while larger tags with longer pins are better for heavy items like coats, jackets, and denim jeans.

Position: Again, this varies depending on the product sold.

  • For dresses, shirts and t-shirts – the rear of the collar or the end of the sleeve are the best locations
  • For pants, slacks and jeans – the rear of the waistband or through a rear pocket is favored
  • For skirts – The rear of the waistband or the hem of heavyweight, knee-length skirts is preferred

Lingerie and swimwear

Type: Pencil tags, alligator tags or small round tags

Size: Smaller

Position: The position varies depending on the product.

  • Bras and bikinis – Alligator tags are positioned to pass across the bra or bikini strap, while other tags pin through the strap, near the bra clasp at the rear, or just beneath where the strap joins the cup on the front.
  • Negligees and underwear – When it comes to negligees, underwear, one-piece swimmers or bikini bottoms, the tag is positioned at the rear near the brand label, or on the lower size seam at about hip height.

Handbags and sporting shoesLanyard Security Tag

Type: Fashion items like handbags and shoes are generally best suited to tags with lanyards or cables. These lanyards or cables allow the tag to be affixed to the product without a pin passing through the item.

Size: The size of the tag can vary, but pencil tags in combination with lanyards often offer a more streamlined look


  • Handbags -In the case of handbags, the lanyard and tag are secured around the strap of the bag, or alternately they are secured to the hole in the zip slider.
  • Footwear – When it comes to sports shoes, or formal lace-up shoes, the lanyard with tag generally passes through the upper shoelace hole.

Sunglasses and eyewear Optical security tags

Type: Optical tag

Size: Small

Position: Optical tags are designed specifically to fit snugly around the arm of sunglasses and eyewear and are small enough not to interfere with the customer experience of the product.

LiquorLiquor Security Tags

Type: Liquor (bottle cap) tag

Size: This depends on the bottle cap size, with standard and large-sized tags available

Position: Over the cap of the bottle

You can view our extensive range of security tags here, and find more details about selecting the right tags for your store here.