6 Hidden Benefits of EAS

Six hidden benefits of EAS

When talk turns to Electronic Article Surveillance, the focus is often on its role in reducing theft. But in the competitive world of real-world retail, the benefits of EAS extend far beyond deterring and detecting shoplifting.

EAS can also improve the customer experience, general store safety and staff productivity. So, here’s an insight into six hidden benefits of EAS.

The customer experience

In the modern retail environment, the “customer experience” allows bricks and mortar retailers to play to their strengths. A positive customer experience sees consumers touching, feeling and interacting with products as part of their purchasing journey.

EAS helps facilitate this experience by allowing retailers to securely showcase their wares in an open and welcoming environment without the fear of theft.

Due to the discreet, unobtrusive nature of security tags and labels, customers can freely interact with merchandise, while the store associate can concentrate on selling rather than standing guard against shoplifting.

Open display of stock

When it comes to shoplifting, high-value products that are easily re-sold are some of the most commonly targeted items.

Traditionally retailers protected these products by keeping them secured in lockable cabinets or displays. While this method was effective, it’s not exactly welcoming and also costs the retailer time and effort.

Instead, EAS allows the open display of items, providing easy access and an attractive experience, in the knowledge each item is protected by tags or labels at a product level.

Staff productivity

The beauty of EAS is that it alerts staff to a potential theft by sounding an alarm. This allows retailers to get on with the job of selling and serving their consumers, rather than constantly monitoring stock or analyzing surveillance footage.

EAS also cuts down on time wasted opening and closing lockable cabinets or displays.

Fewer out of stocks

6 Hidden Benefits of EAS

When items randomly go missing due to theft, retailers lose their ability to keep track of stock. Ultimately this can result in products being out of stock, which again affects the experience of the customer and the productivity of staff.

EAS helps reduce out of stock events by ensuring the product is available.

Improved store safety

Unobtrusive and effective, EAS helps benefit the store environment as a whole. It works to deter shoplifters from targeting a retail outlet, but also helps catch them in the act should they run the risk of attempting a theft.

This improves the safety of the retail outlet as a whole for both staff and customers.

Easy to operate

Once an EAS system has been installed and activated, it is simple for staff to use. The antennas run 24/7 and require very little maintenance.

Staff simply affix active security tags or labels to a product, which then communicate with an antenna. These tags and labels are quickly and easily detached or deactivated at the Point of Sale as part of the sales transaction.

Tags can be reused, while deactivated labels are disposable and pass through the security antenna without sounding an alarm.

The final word

EAS is renowned by retailers across the globe as one of the most effective methods of preventing theft, with statistics indicating it can reduce stock loss by up to 80 per cent.

In the interim, it also reduces the burden on staff when it comes to detecting theft, helps create a safer more welcoming environment and allows consumers to freely interact with merchandise, affording them an improved customer experience.

You can learn more about selecting the right EAS system for your retail outlet here.