Alligator Tag – Grey – Pack of 100


  • Revolutionary one piece design
  • AM and RF Frequency
  • Opened by a Superlock Detacher
  • All in one tag with integrated pin for fast and easy application and removal
  • Concealed pin for safety
  • RF – Checkpoint & other RF systems compatible
  • AM – Sensormatic & other AM systems compatible

(Minimum Order Qty: 1)
30 Days Money Back Guarantee*
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The Alligator Tag is a vast leap forward in retail security tags. This tag is revolutionary in that the pin and tag are interconnected, no more lost pins. It can also be used without having to pin through clothing.

The spring loaded pin is retracted into a housing when not in use and then pushed out when required, reducing the risk of injury to staff and customers.

It’s extremely easy and fast to apply and can be attached to garments with just a single hand and clicked into place, reducing application time dramatically when applying to large quantities of merchandise. The one-handed application and detaching accelerates checkout and alleviates unnecessary shopper delays

High strength magnetic lock for superior protection.

*Note: If Grey is not available we will ship out Alligator Tags in Black and White.

Alligator Tag - Grey - Pack of 500
Alligator Tag - Grey - Pack of 500


Size: Alligator Tag is only 2.2″ long. Small, Compact & Lightweight

Frequency: AM 58 kHz and RF 8.2MHz

Color: Light Grey

Lock: Superlock*. Superlock tags are not opened by old low power magnetic detachers. Most security tags today are Superlock compatible and require a more powerful magnet to release the pin. If you are unsure if your existing detachers will open this tag, give us a call or email us a photo of your existing detacher and tags. Our Universal Superlock Detacher will open all our Superlock tags and your existing magnetic tags.

Weight N/A




What does AM and RF mean?

AM and RF refer to the two types of frequencies that Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) operates on.

Acousto Magnetic (AM) systems operate at 58 Khz while Radio Frequency or RF operates at 8.2 MHz.

Do I need AM or RF?

AM: Ideal for apparel, hardware and general retailers.
RF: Ideal for pharmacy, bookstore and supermarkets.

Are our AM security tags compatible with Sensormatic and other AM shop detection systems?

Yes, our AM security tags are compatible with Sensormatic and other AM shop detection systems.

Are our RF security tags compatible with Checkpoint and other RF shop detection systems?

Yes, our RF security tags are compatible with Checkpoint and other RF shop detection systems.

What types of security tags should I be using?

Clothing: For apparel, we usually recommend hard fashion security tags such as pencil or shell security tags.

Lingerie/ Delicates: Tags with smooth pins or alligator tags are preferred as they will not damage clothing.

Accessories: Soft tags, lanyard tags or even security labels.

Specialty Merchandise: Specialty merchandise require customized solutions. We carry bottle tags to secure liquor bottles and optical tags to protect eye-wear from theft.

What are the added benefits of ink security tags?

Ink security tags add an extra visual deterrent without having to complete a system or tag upgrade. If a shoplifter attempts to remove the ink tag without the appropriate tool, the ink ampoules will render the items useless.

Is there a difference between grey, white or black security tags?

No, the colour of the security tags are purely aesthetics and the choice of colour will depend on your preference and the style of your store.

Do you sell Electronic Article Surveillance gates or pedestals?

No, we do not sell any Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) gates. We specialize in security tags and security labels only.

Can I return the tags if I change my mind?

You have 30 days from the purchase date to send it back to us for a refund. This is only allowed if the product is unopened in its original undamaged packaging.

Note that return postage costs are at your own cost. Return postage is only covered if the product purchased is faulty.