Labels RF 8.2 MHz – Transparent – 0.8″x2.6″ (20x65mm) – Roll of 1000 – Pack of 5 rolls


  • 0.9″ x 2.6″ (20x65mm) Antenna Size
  • 0.006″ Label thickness
  • RF Frequency
  • Adhesive
  • Semi Transparent
  • Checkpoint Compatible
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This clear transparent security label helps preserve branding and can be placed over barcodes so important data can still be scanned. Will work with all 8.2Mhz RF detection systems and security label deactivators.

This narrow label is perfect for products such as cosmetics and bottles.

Security Label Plain 20x65
Security Labels
Security Labels


  • Limited covering of important product information to preserve product branding
  • Place over product barcode.
  • Product codes and barcodes are still visible and scannable.
  • Surface: Plastic
Security Labels
Weight 4.35 lbs
Label Type