Store fitout security

Factoring security into your store fitout

Although a necessity, retail loss prevention doesn’t have to be overwhelming and it certainly does not have to come at the cost of a beautiful store fitout.

In fact, good store design and theft prevention often work hand in hand, while recent innovations mean the appearance of theft prevention tools like electronic article surveillance are more streamlined and seamless than ever before.

Here are six ways to factor security into your store fitout…

Subtle antenna

Not so long ago, electronic article surveillance (EAS) involved bulky antenna at the store entry way. That’s no longer the case.

Over recent years the antenna that monitors security tags and labels have become more streamlined and sleeker in their design.

Now these antennas can feature signage, are slimmer than ever before or they can be totally concealed.  Improvements in technology mean antenna can also be built into the doorway, be inserted under the entry way floor, or positioned overhead.

This allows retailers ultimate flexibility, in the knowledge their store is being monitored at a product-based level, while the entry to their outlet remains warm and inviting.

Limitless label and tag options

Going hand in hand with EAS antenna is the sheer breadth of variety available in EAS security tags and labels. Where once tags and labels were bulky and potentially interfered with the customer experience, now they’re more versatile, lightweight and reliable than ever before.

Tags come in a range of sizes and with different options to suit different purposes like optical tags for eyewear, bottle tags or liquor and lightweight yet secure lanyards and tags for handbags and shoes.

Labels also come in a host of different sizes and shapes and can even be secreted into packaging or combined with a product barcode.

Ultimately this allows retailers the opportunity to harness the power of EAS without compromising the customer experience.

Interactive displays

Store fitout security

The modern consumer expects to be able to touch and feel the product they’re considering, which makes interactive displays a must-have for many retailers and especially those selling electronics.

These displays invite the customer in and let them experience and engage with a product. Yet, behind the scenes they still effortlessly cater to security.

Tethered displays or stands are among the most popular options, ensuring the product can be experienced yet still remains secure and charged.

Effortless cabinets

For high-value goods like jewelry, electronic accessories and smart phones, glass cabinets remain a popular way of securing yet showcasing the wares on offer.

And in this smart day and age, they are no longer as cumbersome as they once were. Now glass cabinets and even stock drawers can be secured with smart keys and locks, allowing one key to open any designated cabinet while tracking which staff member has access.

Fitting room guards

Even the humble fitting room has a role to play in the welcoming yet secure nature of any store fitout. Up until recently securing the fitting room involved ongoing staff vigilance.

These days the fitting room can be monitored against tampering and attempted theft using technological tools like the fitting room guard.

This allows retailers to be alerted when someone is tapering with security tags or attempting to steal an item, without compromising the customer’s privacy.

Lighting and design

Lighting and design have long played a role in both the security and the welcoming nature of a retail outlet.

Proper lighting ensures there are no dark areas where thieves might seek refuge to shoplift, while good design ensures all areas of the floor are visible to staff.

Not only does this deter theft, it offers a better customer experience overall, allowing store associates to better understand who’s interested in what product and whether assistance may be required.

You can learn more about loss prevention strategies here, or contact our friendly staff for advice on the EAS security tags and labels that are best suited to your store