Alligator security tag

Spotlight on the Alligator Tag

It’s not something many people consider, but design plays a major role in how effective, secure and efficient a security tag is when it comes to loss prevention and electronic article surveillance.

The right tag will allow sales associates to affix and remove it quickly, feature a strong locking mechanism to thwart shoplifters, and provide minimal interference when it comes to the customer experience of a product.

In the apparel sector, one tag that offers all those features and more is the Alligator Tag. Here’s an insight into why its design is so different and the benefits it offers.

The importance of good tag design

When it comes to security tags, there are a number of key tag design features that retailers can embrace to increase the effectiveness of the tag and also improve their efficiency.

These include:

  • Pin heads that correspond with the size of the locking mechanism to minimise the chance of the tag being prised apart
  • Higher strength magnetic locks to thwart detachers that shoplifters source on the internet
  • Large pinheads that cannot be pulled through a garment

The Alligator Tag is a revolutionary design that ticks all three of these boxes while offering a range of further benefits.

What is an Alligator Tag?

Alligator security tag

As the name suggests Alligator Tags snap shut to lock into position on a garment. They feature a one-piece design with a pinhead at one end, the locking mechanism at the other, and a hinge in between.

When not in use, the pin on the Alligator Tags is concealed. It is pushed into the locking mechanism using a small button, allowing for greater safety when tags are being affixed to merchandise.

Meanwhile, Alligator Tags feature a Superlock magnet and are available in RF and AM frequencies.


Due to their single mechanism design, Alligator Tags alleviate the need to buy both the pin and the tag. Instead, all components are included within the one simple mechanism.

In retail, that means there are no more lost pins, while the fact the pin is concealed when not in use makes them safer to use for retail associates.

Additionally, the single mechanism allows sales associates to apply the tag with just one hand, making them easy and fast to affix and then remove at the Point of Sale.

This saves sales associates valuable time, while improving the customer experience.

The round locking components of the tag ensure the Alligator Tag is less prone to illicit removal, while the Superlock magnet considered an ideal strength to combat tag tampering.

Alligator Tag uses

Alligator security tag

The Alligator Tag is suited to a range of products across the apparel and fashion accessories sector. The smooth pin slides effortlessly through fabrics, and the tag can also be clipped over product components like straps.

Meanwhile, the small size of the tag ensures security does not interfere with the customer experience of the item.

That makes Alligator Tags idea for:

  • Lingerie
  • Bras
  • Apparel
  • Swimwear
  • Some footwear
  • A range of accessories

You can learn more about the Alligator Tag here, or find out how to select the right tag or label for your retail outlet here.